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Quality Entertainment to Audiences

Musicians, Photographers, Filmmakers
Speakers, Writers, Magicians, Chefs
Caterers, Personal Stylists

Contact: Lois Siegel
(613) 830-2509



Guest Speakers
Chef & Catering

45north - Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues
Acoustiq Duo
Adrian Cho and Diane N
alini - Jazz, Bossa Nova, French Chanson
Adrian Cho Trio - Jazz
Al Benoit
Albert and the Collection - 40s to 80s Pop-Rock Band

Albert Kaprielian - Jazz Piano, Vocals
Acacia Lyra - Harp
Andrew Mah - Classical Guitar, Vocals
Angela Lafontaine  - Singer
AngeLine - Celtic, Classical
Ania Hejnar - Singer
Anne-Marie Gaulin - Piano, Vocals
Anthology - Classic Rock
The Backsliders Bluegrass Band

Ball & Chain Duo
Bethany Bisaillion - Bagpipes
Bev Dunn Duo - Jazz, Pop, Rock
The British Invasion
Brad LaFortune - Traditional
Métis Dance
Brant Pethick - Singer - Pop, Rock
Brawn/Elliott Duo
Bytown Bluegrass
Bytown Highland Dancers
Carrie Alain - Vocals, Piano, Flute
Casey Cerson - Bagpipes
Cécile Desrosiers - Piano, Harpsichord
Celtic Cross - Step Dancers
Celtic North - Celtic
Chairman George

Children's Music Workshop
Chris Pilsworth - Magician
Clan Daestyn - Celtic, Folk, East Coast, Caribbean
Concession 23
Constant Black- Jazz
Country North
Country Road 44
Dai Bassett - Welsh, Irish, Scottish Singer, MC Fashion Shows
Daisy Train - Rock and Roll
Dale Jones - Jazz, Swing
David Renaud - Jazz, Swing
Diable à Cinq -
Quebec French
Dickens Carolers - Christmas
Diego - Magician
Diplomats - Band
JD Gordon and PigsFeet - Country/Blues
Donald W. Corbett - Piper
Doug Martin  - Jazz Sax
Doug Martin Duo - Jazz
DragonFly and Libellule - Clarinet
Duo Pleides
Duo Waqay
Dusty Drifters - Bluegrass
Eddie Alleyne- Steeldrums
Edelweiss-Schnitzel Duo - German
Elliott Smith - Magician
Ellen Daly - Fiddle
Elvis (Paul Anthony)
Emmanuel Bell Choir
Evan Runge - Violin, Fiddle
Fiddle Chicks
The Five -
Woodwind Quintet
Fiona Armstrong - Cello
Fiona Noakes - Original Vocals
The Jasmine Trio - Jazz
Gertrude Letourneau and Garry Elliott - Classical
- Magic, Face Painting, Balloons
Graeme Ogilvy - Bagpipes
Greg Akeson - Piano Ragtime
Gypsy North
hEar Candy - Dance & Movies Music
Heartbeats -
50s –60s Rock ‘n Roll
Heather Flinn - Harp
Hugh Macpherson - Piper
Impressions Duo - Classical
Jeanette Arsenault - Acadian Music
Johnny Vegas - Singer
Kari Robertson - Singer - Blues R& B, Country, Pop
Kimberley Dunn - Singer
Klezmer Duo
Knuckles & Traps - Ragtime
Latin American Duo
Laurino Pagliarello - Accordion, Piano
Laura Lynn Eggleston
- Caricatures
Luc Leduc - Magician
The Lyon Street Celtic Band
Marianne Lin - Harp
Marie Patenaude Trio - Jazz
May-Jun - Singer - Inuit
Melanie E - French Jazz Ensemble
Miguel de Armas
MusicAlain - Quartet - Classical, Popular
Natalie Harrison - Celtic, Old-Time
Nico Gravel - Bagpipes
Nigel Harris - Blues, Gospel, Folk, Kids
Northern Lights - Dance Band
Nostalgia - Folk, Jazz, Blues
Out of Our Heads - Rolling Stones Cover Band
Paddy Gillissie - Celtic, Old-Time, Christmas
Paddy Gillissie and Garry Mennie - Duo - Celtic
Patrick Fynn - Country
Pauline Brown's Step Dancers
Peter Brown
Pierre Foret
Polaris  -
Barbershop Quartet
Pouch Cotatoes -
A Cappella Singing 1950's to 1980's
Quatuor Despax - Classical
Ralitsa Tcholakova - Violin
Raymundo Pizana -
Latin, Flamenco
Rhythm & Strings - Fiddle and Percussion
Robert Fontaine - Storyteller
Russell Levia - Songs for Young Children
Sally Robinson - Classical Piano
singalongs and background music from the
20s, 30s, 40s
Sax Appeal
Scottish Dancing Caller
Sens Unique - French
Sergei Chechui - Accordion

Simon Clarke - 50/60’s and some 70s
Sonic Blue Jazz Combo
Square Dance Caller- David Currie
Square Dance Caller  -
Wendy VanderMeulen
Stephan Beaudoin - Balloons and Magic
Squeezebox Chicks - Accordions
Summerhill Strings - Harp, Violin
Susan Toman - Harp
Susan Toman - Ellen MacIsaac
Swing Boys - Jazz
Swing Guys - Jazz & Swing
The Two Paddy's - Irish Duo
Three Key Ridge - Classic Rock, Folk, Country
Tony True - Country
Sway - Weddings
The Wayward Sound -
Alt-Folk, East-Coast Style 
Traditional Tunes of the British Isles

Where's Waldo Trio
The Wreckers
Zephyr Harp Duo






Prince Edward County

Prince Edward Island


Vancouver Island




Siegel Entertainment

Elvis (Paul Anthony)

Elvis' Birthday
January 8, 1935


The residents just loved him :) He was great! 
Josée Michaud
Directrice Santé et bien-être | Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

Carlingwood Retirement Community
Full Las Vegas
Julie Mullins - Activity Manager

Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays

Singer, Band Leader, Entertainer

Parties, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Weddings


Dickens Carolers

Bass: Lee-Pierre Shirey
 Alto: Adrienne Morey
Soprano: Shawne Elizabeth
Tenor: Ken Parlee

The Dickens Carolers have been enjoyed throughout
Canada's National Capital Region, performing in venues large and small
 including Parliament Hill, Rideau Hall, Embassies, Shopping Centres
Office Suites, Receptions, and Home Parties.


60% English/40% French (our most popular show in Ottawa)

80% English/20% French

80% French/20% English

50% English/50% French

100% in either official language.

 The repertoire includes a few carols in other traditional languages
German, Latin, Spanish, and Italian
Upon Request



Sens Unique


Lois Siegel
Fiddle, Bodhran
, Spoons, Dancing Marionettes

Robert Coutu
 Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica
Marie Déziel   
Accordion, Fiddle, Whistle, Piano

Musique  canadienne française

French Canadian Tunes

Sens Unique: Un groupe de musique traditionnelle et populaire
qui vous offre des airs connus, des chansons à répondre,
des reels et des gigues, au violon, guitare et à l'accordéon.
Une musique entraînante qui égaiera
n'importe quel évènement.

Sens-Unique is a group performing traditional and popular music (Piaf),
including well-known airs, call-and-response songs, reels, jigs
with fiddles guitar, bodhran, spoons, and accordion.
Presentations are unique and visually entertaining
with percussive instruments
- lively music to delight any audience.



I would like to thank you for participating
 and for being part of the productive exchange
 that took place during the IMC2019.

By all measures, the Conference was a success ― the high number of
 delegates it attracted (over 1,300 in total). 
We know that much of the praise we have received
 for the Conference is owed to your contribution,
 the enthusiasm among the participants was significant.

Indeed, the feedback indicated how extraordinarily pleased
delegates were with the engagement offered
 by your participation,  and we thank you
 for making it possible!

Cora Zilli
Logistic and Cultural Programs Coordinator
Research and Evaluation
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Government of Canada

 Sens Unique engaged the audience with continuous energy.
Kellie Sarazin
Entertainment and Stage Manager
Canada Day
 Petrie Island

Our residents absolutely loved Sens Unique
 and we are hoping to have you back.
Staci Kufsky, T.R.S.
Activity Coordinator
Belcourt Manor Retirement Residence

Thank you for a great French Connection yesterday!

Cindy McNabb
Resident Program Manager
Extendicare Starwood



Rhythm & Strings

Anna Baksheeva



Lois Siegel

Bodhran (Irish Drum)

Ugly Stick

Classical, Jazz, Pop, Tango, Fiddle, Country, Folk, Old-Time
Celtic, Brazilian,  World and Movie Music


Duo Waqay

Guitarists Gabriela Iznardo and Alejandro Vega
Latin American & Spanish Rhythms
Music Featuring Alejandro’s Cuban Heritage
and Gabriela’s Peruvian and Argentinean Background


Three Key Ridge

 Holly Cox, Albert Kaprielian, Vivian Byrne

lassic Rock, Folk, Country

Sarah McLachlan's "Angel"



Steve Carle

The One Man Band

Covered Artists...

Jim Croce • Eric Clapton • The Beatles • Billy Joel • Van Morisson • Everly Brothers 
The Eagles • The Tragically Hip • Elton John • Dwight Yoakam • Simon & Garfunkle
David Lindley • America • Allman Brothers • Stealer Wheels • U2 • James Taylor
 Bad Company • Billy Currington • Dire Strait • Bryan Adams • Michel Pagliaro 
Gordon Lightfoot • REM • Bee Gees • Supertramp • Counting Crows
 The Rolling Stones Elvis Presley • The Mavericks • Steve Miller • CCR
 Four Seasons • Johnny Cash Neil Diamond •Lone Star 
Kentucky Head Hunters • The Monkees • Fleetwood Mac Garth Brooks
The Police • Lionel Ritchie • Great Big Sea • Phil Collins • Blue Rodeo
 Burton Cummings • Jimmy Buffett • Zac Brown


Toussaint Ndayegamiye
Rapper and Singer


Diable à Cinq

André-Michel Dambremont: Guitar
Félix Sabourin: Accordion
Rémi Pagé: Violin
Samuel: Violin, Banjo
Éloi Gagnon-Sabourin: Piano

Musique folklorique québécoise
Chansons à répondre et pièces musicales
Animation de foule
Quebec’s French traditionnal songs

Le Diable à Cinq, c’est un jeune band de folklore
émergeant natif de Ripon, en Outaouais,
formé de trois frères, un cousin et un ami.
 Ayant comme mission de faire revivre les bons vieux partys
de cuisine dans lesquels ils ont été élevés,
les musiciens enchaînent compositions et reprises de
chansons de leur région natale, la Petite-Nation,
avec des arrangements festifs qui ne laissent personne indifférent.



Barry Willbond

Barry Willbond was fantastic as Santa
and put a smile on everyone’s face that he came in contact with.
 We would definitely like to have him back with us again next year. 
The residents love him and his sense of humour.

Linda Ann Quigley
Engage Life Coordinator
Crystal View Lodge

Ruth, Santa, Marion

Santa, Ruth Kavanagh
Crystal View Lodge

It went extremely well! Exceeded my expectations!
Thank you

Tessa Toutant
Directrice de santé et bien-être | Director of Health and Wellness
Résidence Cité Parkway Retirement Residence


Bernard Major


Eddie Alleyne

 Steelpan Musician

Soloist on Steelpan With Backing Tracks,
2, 3, 4 or 5 Piece Band with Vocals
Provides Music for Entertainment
 Over 40  Years in the Music Business
Dance or Background Music For All Occasions
 Concert or Parties, Health Centers, Weddings
Caribbean, Jazz, Pop, Ballads, Classics

The Steelpan/Steeldrums is an acoustic instrument
 developed on the Island of Trinidad in the 1940s
with basic western music chromatic half steps.
It's a beautiful, subtle, captivating sound/tone when played.


Eddie was amazing!!!! He is still playing now, love it!!!!
Emily Benson
Directrice, Santé et bien être | Health and Wellness Director
Résidence Chapel Hill Retirement Residence

Eddie did such a great job! He was very well received
 and the audience enjoyed his performance.
What a nice man he is!
Donna Wiggins
St. Andrew's United Church
Buckingham, Quebec

Eddie was great.  Residents really enjoyed his show.
He even was happy to show the residents the steel pans
 and answer their questions afterwards.
I would definitely recommend him to others
 and  bring him back in the future.
Nathalie Bartlett
Activity Director
Maplewood Retirement Community

HE WAS AMAZING!!! Member’s loved him!!!
Maegan Mann
Viva Barrhaven Retirement Community

He was amazing. Residents loved him. 
Alma Cook
Recreation Manager
Park Place Retirement Residence & Senior Suites

It was fabulous
Thank you Lois. You are great
Nadia Potoczny
Recreation and Volunteer Manager

The steel drummer was AMAZING! He was so good.
The residents loved him and his
choice in music.
Great afternoon
Stephanie Barnes
Life Enrichment Manager
Carp Commons Retirement Village


The Lyon Street Celtic Band
Irish and Scottish Music

©Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel (Bodhran),  Steve McCarthy (Fiddle)
Robert Coutu (Mandolin), Marie Déziel (Accordion)
Dan Perkins (Guitar)

Irish, Scottish, Breton, French, Christmas/Celtic, Old-Time

Road to Lisdoonvarna

Wind That Shakes The Barley
Merry Blacksmith

Red Oak Retirement Residence

Photo by Marilyn Bissetsmith
Lois Siegel

Photo by Marilyn Bissetsmith


Everyone told us it was the best party we ever had.
  Thanks in great part to you!  Thank you so much
 we’ve never had dancing before!
Dawn Firestone
Community Investment

Bell Canada
National Arts Centre
Opera Lyra Reception

"Too much of a good thing is...absolutely wonderful."
 Mae West
Great music last night from you and your fellow musicians.
Fine array of varied talents well worth the drive across town
to hear, to enjoy.
We were also delighted by the stylings. I did say, "I never cared for
"McNamara's Band" before; last night I did.
And "Jambalaya," joyous.
We look forward to hearing the band again.
Gerard Lavelle
Casey's Grill Bar
St. Patrick's Day

What a FABULOUS evening!  LOVED every minute
music fabulous  especially the Newfie songs and those Irish ones.   
 People so friendly. 
 You have a great group there, and the ambiance was excellent.
 Joan Forbes, Board of Directors
 Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
 Casey's Grill Bar
 St. Patrick's Day

I would like to thank you once again
 for such a fabulous concert at Casey's, 
St-Patrick’s Day. Two of my very long time friends came to join me
at the restaurant where you and your band were playing
and I must say, it made me wish to return
 to the soft green hills of Ireland.  Your music was totally outstanding
with the traditional songs one would expect to hear
 in Ottawa on St-Patrick’s day and so well played.
It was a honor to listening to you all.
Thank you for such a beautiful evening
filled with such warm atmosphere.
Fairmont Château Laurier

Big thanks to you and your bandmates for
helping make our event so successful!
You did a wonderful job entertaining the crowd
and we heard from so many people about
how much they enjoyed the music.
Kristin Harold
Senior Director of Operations and Communications
Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa

Quelle belle musique ce midi. Merci.
Marc Desjardins
Cégep Heritage College
Gatineau, Quebec

by  Georgia Golfinopoulos
Thanks so much for coming in Sunday.
 I have heard nothing but positive feedback!
Katie Quinn
Activities Coordinator

Thank you so much for the great entertainment you provided
for our Christmas Party.
Everyone enjoyed the music and had a great time!
Luisa Romero
Director of Recreation
The Edinburgh Retirement Residence

What a FABULOUS evening!
 LOVED every minute - music fabulous
especially the Newfie songs and those Irish ones.   
People so friendly. 
You have a great group there, and the ambiance was excellent,
Joan Forbes

Thank you so much for coming. It was a great night.
Heather Erven • Business Manager
Nepean Sailing Club
East Coast Kitchen Party

Thank you!  The residents had a terrific time
 and loved the band. They want me to book you back in!
Karen Timmons
Recreation Manager
Ravines Seniors' Suites & Retirement Residence

Thank you so much for the wonderful Halloween Party that you threw for us.
The residents were talking about how much fun they had for days.
Laura Peters
Red Oak Retirem
ent Residence
Sienna Senior Living
Lifestyle Consultant

Thanks to you and the group for a fabulous evening! 
The community members are raving about the fun evening.
Robbie Burns Day
Karen Timmons
Lifestyles Manager
V!VA Barrhaven Retirement Community

Ugly Stick

I would like to thank you for coming out this evening.
The residents loved it, and they were dancing in their seats during dinner.
You played fantastically, so thank you.
 Thank you for being a part of our cruise week
Steph Barnes, Life Enrichment Manager | Verve Senior Living        
Carp Commons Retirement Village


Heather Flinn

Celtic, Classical, Latin, Jazz, Pop Music, Christmas, Seasonal


Excellent! Residents loved it, and she was great overall
with interacting with them and great performance.
Thank you,
Directrice Santé et bien-être | Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence


Bytown Highland Dancers


Evenings and Weekends


Pauline Brown's Step Dancers

20 or 30 Minute Blocks
Client must have suitable flooring

Irish, Scottish, Modern and Ottawa Valley


Moov Ottawa Dance

Arnaldo “Effect Betancourt Silva & Alea “Didi” de Castro

Co-Founders, Dancers, Choreographers and Event Coordinators

Our shows range from different themes and music
Hip Hop, Disco, Breaking/Break Dancing
70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s theme


Peter Brown


Lanark-based jazz and blues pianist/singer Peter Brown has performed at the Ottawa jazz festival
nine years running.... He has toured with Canadian blues legend Dutch Mason, American blues
artist Sherman Robertson and with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor and was the
keyboardist for Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo for 17 years. He has served as
pianist/bandleader/arranger for the Mississippi Mudds theatre company in Carleton Place,
accompanist for the Townsingers of Carleton Place and as pianist for the Stone Fence Theatre
Company in Eganville. Peter hosts a monthly jazz night in Perth.

As a solo performer, Peter plays and sings jazz (standards and more accessible styles)
 blues and roots, pop, boogie woogie.  With bands, he covers a wider range of styles
 on piano and organ.

Dai Bassett

"The Welsh Guy with the Big Smile"

Master of Ceremonies
Emcee for Fashion Shows, Fairs
Concerts, Irish and Scottish Events
Corporate and Community Events
Fundraising Auctioneer

12-String Guitar
Celtic Festivals, Robbie Burns Day (Scottish)
Christmas Show
British Teas and Socials
Background Songs for Cocktail Hours
Witty After Dinner Speech
 20 to 40 Minutes of Humorous Entertainment

 A very comical act for one or two sets.

I wear my Welsh farming attire...cloth cap...check shirt
and my rubber wellies (
farmers' rubber boots) on the wrong feet.

Fundraising Auctioneer

"Musical Comedy and Variety Shows"
Retirement Homes
Irish, English, Scottish, Canadian, Welsh, Gospel, Country
 Elvis, Englebert, Dean Martin, Roger Whittaker, Anne Murray
 The Beatles, Tom Jones


Chairman George


Folksongs from Different Countries
 Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Spanish Hebrew, Arabic
Farsi, Tagalo, Russian, English, French

Speaks Multiple Languages, including Greek & Chinese

Types of Shows

 1) Greek:                  1 Hour, Vocal with Bouzouki, Popular Songs

               2)Chinese :                 1 Hour, Vocal with Bouzouki/Guitar, Popular Songs

                  3)International:   Around the World in 1 Hour - Vocal with Bouzouki/Guitar
World Cultures Show

MAGIC Effects can be Mixed into a Music Performance
 For Example:  Gagbag, Vanishing Silk, Chinese Sticks
Vanishing Bottle, Flower Production, Balloon Animals    


 Chairman George was yet amazing
 and very interactive with our small group.
He told us about his life and travels to Greece
 and some language and meanings.
 I am so impressed with him. He was amazing!
Stephanie Barnes, RT, CDP
Life Enrichment Manager
Carp Commons Retirement Village

George was great. The residents loved his show
and the way he came to pretty much every table to tell them
 about Greece, the bouzouki, and the music in general.
It was a lively evening and everyone enjoyed it. 
Luisa Romero
Director of Recreation 
The Edinburgh


Miguel de Armas

Jazz Pianist

Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, 8 - 10 Piece Party Band


Edelweiss - Schnitzel Duo

Petr Cancura, Saxophone
Keith Hartshorn Walton, Tuba

Instrumental German and other European Songs
Including Czech


"Melanie E."

Alex Tompkins, Michel Delage,
Keith Hartshorn-Walton, Mélanie Hartshorn-Walton
French Jazz Ensemble

Jazz combo with French vocals
 featuring classic French and Quebecois pop songs
 reinterpreted as jazz. English songs also available


Fiddle Chicks

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel, Marie Deziel

Natalie Harrison

Fiddles, Bodhran, Spoons
Dancing Marionettes, 
Ugly Stick, Poyk, Percussion

Fiddle Chicks perform all types of music:
raditional French-Canadian tunes 
with lots of fiddle and spoons
Celtic jigs and reels, Old-Time melodies,
 and music from around the world. 

Unique and visually entertaining percussive instruments, 
fiddle, accordion, washboard and dancing marionettes
Lively music to delight any audience.

Kitchen Parties, Holidays, Anniversaries, Birthdays
Retirement Homes, Weddings, Festivals


Bytown Museum
Colonel By Day
(AKA Sens Unique)

Photo by Tom Cole
Marie Deziel and Lois Siegel
Photo by Paul Jean

Photo by Lois Siegel
Marie Déziel

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel, Bodhran

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel, Spoons

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel


©Photo by Kasia Korta
Lois Siegel
 Fiddle, Spoons
 Dancing Marionettes

Audience Response

You and the Fiddle Chicks were perfect.
Noreen Young
Artistic Director & Founder
Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival

It was a lovely afternoon, enjoyed by all! Many thanks!
Kathryn Witney
Activity Director
Chartwell Stonehaven Retirement Residence

            I heard the party was a great success – 
despite having to be moved indoors…  
Many thanks to you and the girls for sharing your 
Canada Day with us – it was greatly appreciated, 
and from what I hear – very much enjoyed!  
Thanks again Lois
Canada Day
Cindy McNabb
Resident Program Manager
Extendicare Starwood

Thanks for a wonderful performance at my Halloween party. 
 Your music created a most fabulous ambiance for not only the adults, but the children, who especially enjoyed Lois' drumming and shared musical instruments:
 dancing marionettes, and spoons.
  I had wanted to have a real East-Coast-like Kitchen Party
and boy, did we get it.  
Thanks again - you gave my friends and me
some terrific memories!
Emily Crocco

Stephan Beaudoin
Master Balloon Artist & Magician

Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals,
Christmas and Holiday Parties, New Year's Events
Grand Openings, Baby Showers, Pool Parties
Family Reunions, Anniversaries

Ballons are Latex


Klezmer Duo

Nigel Harris
Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele

Lois Siegel
Poyk, Snare

 In Eastern Europe, percussion was often provided by a drummer
who played a
frame drum, or poyk, sometimes called baraban.
A poyk is similar to a
bass drum and often has a cymbal or piece of metal
 mounted on top, which is struck by a beater.

Klezmer, Jewish Jazz , Traditional Jazz
Ale Brider, Hava Nagila, Tumbalalaika, If I were a Rich Man, Sunrise Sunset
Be Mir Bish du Shein, Midnight in Moscow


Natalie Harrison
Fiddler, Step Dancer
Ottawa Valley, Celtic, French Canadian, Old-Time, Classical

Natalie was great.
Meet and Greet for Brian Hunt
Running for Mayor of Greater
Traci Rae 
National Key Account Manager 
Garden of Life Canada

Natalie was great.  The residents and some of their family members
enjoyed the music and the dancing. Thanks a lot!
Luisa Romero
Director of Recreation
The Edinburgh Retirement Residence


The Wayward Sound

Olivia Pelling - violin, vocals
Michael Jonz - mandolin, banjo, vocals
 Doug Crump - guitar, vocals
Vance Trudeau -whistle, accordion

Original Alt-Folk, East-Coast Style Music
and Traditional Tunes of the British Isles


Concession 23

Jonathan Ferrabee -  Acoustic Bass, Vocals
 Kevin Golka  -Mandolin, Vocals
 Sherry Philp -  Banjo, Vocals
 Nick Strachan - Guitar, Vocals



Country Road 44

Kim Wallace – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
 Bernie Coville – Lead Guitar, Vocals
 Shawn Wallace – Mandolin, Vocals
Dr. Heather Aiken – Banjo, Vocals
Lisa Pigeau – Standup Bass, Vocals

Traditional, Gospel and Original Bluegrass Music with Tight Harmonies

Nights and Weekends


The Wreckers

Bob Bangs - Drums
Jody Benjamin - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Ball - Fiddle, Fiddle,  Vocals
Don Evans - Bass

Fred Guignion - Lead Guitar

Mixture of Original and Cover Tunes
Leaning Towards the Earlier Country that Still Sounded Like Country:
Hank Williams, George Jones, Roger Miller, Webb Pierce.
Clan Daestyn

Victoria Bell: Cajon, Tin Whistle, Fife, Didgeridoo
Darren Jerome: Tin Whistle, Spoons, Vocals
Johnny Walker: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ron Barcadi: (Band Leader) Lead Vocals, Bongos, Cajon, Saw
Krista Grant: Mandolin, Fiddle, Tin Whistle, Vocals
Pat Grant: Small Pipes, Tin Whistle, Backup Vocals
Dave Johnson: Small Pipes, Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Backup Vocals

 Celtic, (Scottish and Irish) Folk, East Coast, Caribbean

Retirement Homes, Pubs, Private Parties


It went great. Residents were very happy with them!
Hilary Parry - Lifestyle & Programs Manager
Chartwell New Edinburgh Square Retirement

Sally Robinson

Classical Piano


Sally was great.
Julie Mullins
Activity Manager
Carlingwood Retirement Community

Pierre Foret

Classical, Latin, Bosnian, Celtic, French
Pop, Québécois Folk Music


Pierre was excellent! It was the perfect match
 for our Mad Hatter Tea Party!
Maegan Mann -
Lifestyles Manager
V!VA Barrhaven Retirement Community


Angela Lafontaine

Classical, Sacred, Musical Theatre, Jazz Standards/Big Band
Vera Lynn/ Music of the 40's, Opera Favourites,
Popular music from the Late 1800's/Early 1900's:The Lost Chord,
We'll Gather Lilacs and I'll Walk Beside You

Sings in  French, Italian, German, Latin, Welsh, Gaelic
 Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, and Yiddish


Carrie Alain

Vocals, Piano, Flute
Accompanist (Piano)

Classical, Popular, Traditional
Franglais: French and English

Sings in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin,
  Yiddish and Russian


Carrie and Angie Duo

Carrie Alain

           Vocals, Piano, Flute           
   Accompanist (Piano)  

Carrie Sings in French, Spanish, Italian, German
 Latin, Yiddish and Russian

Angela Lafontaine

Classical, Popular, Traditional, Folk
Franglais: French and English
 Sacred, Musicals, Jazz Standards
Vera Lynn & Music of the 40's
Turn of the century popular music such as
We'll Gather Lilacs and I'll Walk Beside You

Angela Sings in  French, Italian, German, Latin, Welsh, Gaelic
 Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, and Yiddish


The Opera Night with Carrie and Angela was wonderful.
They had a beautiful repertoire, a selection of arias, songs
 and piano pieces for their performance.
Everyone attending truly enjoyed it.
Thank you so much Lois for your referral.
Luisa Romero
Director of Recreation
The Edinburgh Retirement Residence




Carrie - Vocals, Piano, Flute
(13) Violin and Flute
Maylea (11) Cello
Ariana (8) Violin

Classical, Popular, Traditional


Anna Baksheeva



Andrew Mah

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Classical Guitar, Vocal


Ania Hejnar

Sings Many Genres: Opera
Elvis, Beatles, Musical Theatre


Charlie Inglis

Scottish Country and Ceilidh Dancing Caller

Taught  Scottish Dancing for Over 40 Years
and Have Lead Many Ceilidhs

Charles also address the haggis and recites Burns poetry

Children's Music Workshop
or Performance

Parties and Entertainment
(613) 830-2509

Lois Siegel and Friends

Children's Music Workshop
Cumberland Village Heritage Museum
Power and Country Festival
2010, 2011

Sarah Hill (fiddle)                   Lois Siegel (spoons)

Sarah (Bodhran - Irish Drum)

Photo by Paul Jean

Lois Siegel
with Mop Top Jane
Ugly Stick

Children participate and play along with the performers
using a selection of percussion instruments we provide:
Spoons, Shakers, Washboards, Dancing Marionettes

Jig Doll


I would love if you could come back this year and provide another
children’s interactive workshop.
 It was such a hit last year…
Kellie Sarazin
Cumberland Heritage Power and Country Festival

Metcalfe Fair

Photo by Jim McCuaig


Under The Pines Music Festival
Celtic North

Puppets Up!: International Puppet Festival

Photo by Paul Jean



“You and the Fiddle Chicks were perfect.”
Noreen Young, Artistic Director – Puppet’s Up!

Photo by Victor Turco

Albert Kaprielian
Jazz Piano/Vocals
Old-Time, Standards, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock/Pop
House Parties, Corporate Events,
 Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays

Take the A Train


Valentine's Day

He was fantastic! He actually had quite a few ladies
who were enamoured with him.
Albert was extremely professional and easy going.
He has an excellent way of judging the crowd.
He made our night extra romantic and special.
Parenteau - Health and Wellness Director
Chapel Hill Retirement

Nigel Harris
Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele

Vaudeville, Kiddies, Blues, Gospel, Folk Indie

Paddy Gillissie

Irish and Scottish Music
Rock & Roll, Old-Time, Christmas

Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals

Crocodile Rock, Brown Eyed Girl, Come a Little Bit Closer
Only You, Can't Help Falling in Love, Sonny's Dream
Bye, Bye Blackbird, Tennessee Waltz,
Darktown Strutters' Ball, A Shanty in Old Shanty Town
Black Velvet Band, American Pie, Whiskey in the Jar


Paddy G
6th Annual Hope Garden Party
Paddy “G” - with his Golden Oldies
and rollicking Celtic music and song.
Paddy is a wonderful performer
who is extremely generous with his talent.
We are deeply grateful for his largesse.
Ann MacDonald - Manager of Volunteers
Shepherds of Good Hope

It went great. Thank you so much for finding Paddy for us.
Christine Fisher - Activities Director
Bridlewood Trails Retirement Community

Paddy was excellent.  Played for over an hour straight.  
A number of people gravitated to him after the show.  
Mrs. Gillissie even helped put the chairs away, real down home people.
Mackie McLaren
Masonic Hall
McNab and District Celtic Heritage Society
Annual General Meeting


Patrick was GREAT on Monday afternoon – showed up in good time, all decked out in his kilt etc. 
 I told him he’d be great for Robbie Burns day but that timing’s a bit short notice now too! 
Any chance he’d be available in the afternoon on March 17th for a St. Patty’s day theme party? 
Cindy McNabb -
Resident Program Manager
Extendicare Starwood

It went very well!!  He sang many songs that have never been performed
 at our home before.  And the residents loved the kilt!
Christine Smith - Recreation Programmer
Carlingview Manor

They loved it!
Genevieve Lafleur
Directrice Santé et bien-être | Health and Wellness Director
Résidence Chapel Hill Retirement Residence


Gypsy Muse

Nabil Yaghi, Normand Glaude, Justin Duhaime
 William Lamoureux

Gypsy Jazz
Music Inspired by the Legacy of Django Reinhardt

The Group Plays as a Quartet -  2 Guitars, Bass & Guest
on either Violin, Clarinet or Voice

Also Available: a Trio - 2 Guitars , Bass or Duo-Guitars
Justin Also Performs in a Duo with a Singer

Justin Duhaime


With Howard Hayes


Paddy G & The Mennie Man

Paddy Gillissie and Garry Mennie
Irish and Scottish Music
Rock & Roll, Old-Time, Christmas

Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals

Crocodile Rock, Brown Eyed Girl, Come a Little Bit Closer
Only You, Can't Help Falling in Love, Sonny's Dream
Bye, Bye Blackbird, Tennessee Waltz,
Darktown Strutters' Ball, A Shanty in Old Shanty Town
Black Velvet Band, American Pie, Whiskey in the Jar


They were really good.
 The residents really appreciated their music and humour
They would like to have them back!
Renée Poirier -
Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

It was fantastic!! Our members thoroughly enjoyed them
Maegan Mann - Lifestyles Manager
Viva Barrhaven Retirement Community

 Paddy G and the Mennie Man were great – bit of an Irish flare to them
 so we’ll keep them in mind for ‘March’ as well.  I was a bit worried that they
 may have postponed due to the nasty weather that weekend,
but they showed up and were ready to go on time – very reliable fellows 
Cindy McNabb -
Resident Program Manager
Extendicare Starwood

Amazing comments from our residents
Stephanie Barnes, RT, CDP - Life Enrichment Manager 
Carp Commons Retirement Village 

Thanks Lois. They were GREAT! Couldn’t have asked for better!
In fact a couple people were asking about how I found them
 so have passed on your information.
Louise Graves
House Party

Russell Levia

Songs for Children
Six years and younger

Performing for over 30 years
Puppets, Props, Guitar, Xylophone, Harmonica, Rhythm Instruments

Teddy Bears' Picnic, Rubber Duckie, The Cat Came Back, Apples and Bananas
The People in Your Neighborhood

Retirement Homes
Big Band era

On The Sunnyside of The Street, Blue Moon, Cheek To Cheek, Side by Side
Tennessee Waltz, Ain't She Sweet, You Are My Sunshine. Me And My Shadow
Lily Marlene, Jamaica Farewell

Adult Audiences
Jazz, Old-Time, Folk Songs, Country, Celtic,
20's 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's

 Bars, Coffee Houses, House Parties, Festivals

Hard Times...Stephen Foster
Last Thing On My Mind....Tom Paxton
Going to the Country....Bruce Cockburn
The Circle Game....Joni Mitchell
Four Strong Winds....Ian Tyson
Star Of The County Down....Irish
Farewell To Nova Scotia
The Swimming Song.....Kate and Anna McGarrigle
For Lovin' Me..... Gordon Lightfoot
The Hockey Song....Stompin Tom Connors
Dylan, Neil Young, Hank Williams, James Taylor, The Carter Family
Billie Holiday, The Beatles


Russell was so amazing! Our residents were blown away.
He was so talented , so nice and great choice in music.
Stephanie Barns
Life Enrichment Manager
Carp Commons Retirement Village

Squeezebox Chicks

Photo by Lois Siegel
Marie Déziel

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel

Squeezebox Chicks perform all types of music:
raditional French-Canadian tunes,
Celtic jigs and reels, Old-Time melodies,
 and music from around the world.

Unique and visually entertaining percussive instruments,
 accordions, piano, washboard, fiddle, and dancing marionettes
Lively music to delight any audience.

Kitchen Parties, Holidays, Anniversaries, Birthdays
Retirement Homes, Weddings, Festivals

Greg Akeson

Ragtime Piano
Turn-of-the-Century Ragtime Music
 Early Jazz (1920s-1930s), Pop Tunes of the Same Era
 Side By Side, Cruising Down the River, In The Good Old Summertime
 It's a Long Way to Tipperary
Kari Robertson

Blues R & B Country, Pop
60's to 90'S

Where's Waldo Trio

Joe Valente and Mark Hall
An acoustic-ish duo
(With a drum machine named Waldo)

Upbeat mix of pop, classic rock, and new country
Two vocals, lots of harmonies, and tons of fun

Blue Rodeo, Elvis Costello, Keith Urban, Sublime
 Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks


reg Akeson & Matt Aston

 TV themes of the Same Era.  Early 20th Century Music


Ralph Hopper, Sax; Jean Trudel, Trumpet/Flugel
Paul O’Connor, Keyboards; Paul Soble, Bass; Bill Brown, Drums

45 North is a 5-Piece Band.
We perform a varied repertoire of great jazz tunes
many by Canadian artists.  We do our own arrangements.
Our tunes are lyrical and melody driven.

Dances, Parties, Celebrations, Charities

"Swing Boys"

Photo by Sandra Whitlock
Yves Larouche, Piano
 Tom Denison, String Bass
 Dale Jones, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Jazz, Swing
Weddings, Special Events, Retirement Homes, Parties


It went very well.  The residents loved it.
Sandra Whitlock
Coordonnatrice d'activitiés - Activities Coordinator
Chateau Symmes
Gatineau, Quebec

Tom Denison

Dale Jones

Blues North
Dale Jones
Diana Lloyd

WOW!!! Dale brought 8 instruments. The residents thought they were great.
Thank you so much for finding them for us. We will have them back.
Jacqui Haffner | Life Style and Program Manager
CHARTWELL KANATA retirement residence
20 Shirley's Brook Drive, Kanata

David Renaud

Photo by Sophie Renaud
Jazz, Swing
Weddings, Special Events, Retirement Homes
Corporate Affairs, Parties

Renaud Trio

David Renaud, Clarinet and Saxophone
Garry Elliott, Guitar
Adrian Cho, Bass


Take 5 

Lazy River

"Swing Guys"

David Renaud
©Brett Delmage

Tom McMahon
Jazz, Swing
Weddings, Special Events, Retirement Homes, Parties


It went great with the Swing Guys.
Residents enjoyed the music, great memories for some of them…
Renee Poirier - Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

THEY WERE AMAZING!!  Just a lovely duo who played great tunes
for our reception at the Delta Hotel. I really appreciate all your efforts
and thank you for recommending them to me.
Whenever I am in Ottawa again or at my next conference,
I will be sure to pass along your information.

Lisa Isaacs B.A., CMP
Isaacs & Co., Barristers & Solicitors

Dusty Drifters

Stuart Rutherford - Harmony and Lead Vocals
Michael Ball - Bass & Fiddle
 Paul Roberto -Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Gilles Leclerc - Mandolin, Harmony and Lead Vocals
John Steele - Banjo, Harmony and Lead Vocals


Rogers TV

Sonic Blue Jazz Combo

Albert Kaprielian (Piano), Michael Pytura (Vocals)
 Daniel Ko (Saxophone), Bohne Forsberg (Bass)
Art Katona (Trombone), and Ron Rancourt (Drums)

Jazz, Blues, Swing, Groove, Funk
Standard Vocal Repertoire
1930s to 1960s  
When You're Smiling
, Satin Doll, Ain't Misbehavin'
I've Got Rhythm, Fly Me To the Moon
, Bye Bye Blackbird
On the Sunny Side of the Street, Summertime
Take the A Train

 Corporate Events, Private Parties, Charitable Functions, Weddings

"All of Me"
Featuring Michael Pytura on Vocals
It Don't Mean a Thing
Ball & Chain Duo

Michael Ball, Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
 Jody Benjamin, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Triangle

Vintage Country and Cajun Dance Music
Classic and Original Songs
Hank Williams, George Jones, Roger Miller and Webb Pierce

The Backsliders Bluegrass Band

Warren Recoskie, Guitar & Vocals
Don Fletcher, Fiddle
 Jason McDonald, Mandolin & Vocals
Ed Sexton, Guitar & Vocals 
Terry McDonald, Bass & Vocals

Quebecois, Irish, Down East, Ottawa Valley

Bytown Bluegrass

Photo by Lois Siegel
Ray and Glen Adams
Ray, Mandolin & Vocals
 Glen, 5-String banjo & Vocals

Bluegrass & Country Music


It went well. The residents enjoyed them very much.
Directrice Santé et bien-être | Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

Constant Black

Mike Mopas, Bass 
Valeriy Nehovora, Drums
David Constant, Keyboards
Ian Schwartz, Saxophone & Clarinet


My Funny Valentine, Almost Like Being in Love
Goodbye Porkpie Hat, Round Midnight, Lullaby of Birdland

Almost Like Being In Love
Bluesette Samba
Mediterranean Sunset
Willow Weep For Me


Pat Willbond, Vocals & Guitar& Harmonica
Rick Picard, Percussion
Sarah Monica , Percussion & Vocals & Dance

Classic Swing, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock

Lounges, Special Events

Nostalgia Duo

Pat Willbond, Vocals & Guitar& Harmonica

Sarah Willbond, Percussion & Vocals & Dance
Brad LaFortune


Traditional Métis Dance
Teaching about History of
How to Jig

Acoustiq Duo

Gary Racicot, Accordion
Joseph Crowley, Guitar

  Cape Breton, Celtic Ceilidh, Light Classical, French
Lightly Latin, Popular Tunes, Quebec Folk Songs, Standards
Swing, Jazz, An Evening in Paris, Twilight in Rome,
Valentines for Lovers, Sounds of Christmas

Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Conventions,
Christmas Parties, Churches, Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Functions,
Fund Raisers,
House Parties New Year's Eve Parties, Restaurants
Senior Residences, Valentine Parties, Wedding Receptions

Trio with Neil Sealy
Acoustic Bass

JD Gordon and PigsFeet

Penelope Goranson

Both Vocalists

Dave Gordon, Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar

Country and Blues

Anne-Marie Gaulin

          Classiques Québécois: Cent Mille Chansons, Y'a Une Étoile Pour Vous
          Folk: Jolie Louise, Un Amour Qui Ne Veut Pas Mourir
          Jazz: Autumn In New York
          Pop: Lullaby
          Musique Classique: Ombra Mai Fu, Se L'aura Spira, No One Is Alone

Tune Sample


Lois, just wanted to let you know that Anne Marie
 did a superb job today; it was lovely!
Thanks again for your assistance.
Marie-Andree Paulin


Sylvie Duchesneau, Clarinet

Garry Elliot, Guitar

Classical & Jazz

Tom McMahon
Baliset, Bass
Special Events, Retirement Homes

The Baliset is a 12-string instrument that has the range of a
guitar and bass and is played by tapping the strings.

Black Orpheus


Morgan Blackbyrne
trolling and Comedic Interactions with People  at Parties
Photo Opportunities, Photo Booths

Photo by Lois Siegel

Marie Patenaude Trio
Paul Soble, Double Bass
Marie Patenaude, Vocals
Shinya Sato, Piano

Corporate Affairs, Special Events, House Parties
Weddings, Retirement Homes


Marie Patenaude Trio Demo
Fait Comme L'oiseau

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Jeanette Arsenault
Acadian Music
Queen's Jubilee Medal



Jeanette is a fantastic Acadian performer. She sings, she dances,
she plays the spoons, harmonica, and piano.
She knows how to involve her audience by encouraging them
to participate in fun tunes. Her stories about her family
 are heartwarming. Your hands will be clapping; your toes will be tapping
 to “Mi’kmaq.” Your smiles will be a mile wide for “My Forgetter.” 
 Your eyes will tear to “My Daughter, My friend/ My Mother My Friend.” 
A show you will never forget…”I’m An Acadian-Canadian, Eh!”
Lois Siegel
Siegel Entertainment


It was incredible!  They were amazing!! The residents loved them!!
We would love to have them back some time for sure
 and look forward to doing business with you for our other events.
Sandra Whitlock
Chateau Symmes
Gatineau, Quebec

Evan Runge

Photo by Jan Amell
Violinist, Fiddler

Celtic, Classical, Old-Time, Jazz

Weddings, Special Events, Parties, Funerals
Retirement Residences


They loved him. He is perfect for a Sunday afternoon tea.
I will book him in the future.
Denisa Zevedei - Activities Director
Chartwell Rideau Place Retirement Residence

It went very well, thank you! 
Evan is a very talented musician and great to work with.
Ottawa Hospital Conference
Westin Hotel

Cassandre Pretorius (Boland)
Planificatrice de conférences - Conference Planner
University of Ottawa

Evan was great!
Bradley Lamoureux - Activity Director
Waterford Retirement Community

Goopee Fun Family Entertainment

Close-Up Magic, Face Painting, Balloon Sculpting

The seniors loved it.
ésidence de la Gappe

Celtic Cross

Photo by LeeAnne Watt
Irish, Scottish, and Ottawa Valley Step Dance
15, 30, or 45 Minute Performances

A recent highlight for some members of the group
was travelling to Scotland with the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band
 to perform for the Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle.

They also perform with the Lyon Street Celtic Band
on St. Patrick’s Day at Casey’s Grill Bar.


Celtic Cross Dancers and Fiddler Eric Provencher
It was wonderful! Thank you so much for arranging the talent.
 They were both really great and loved by the Residents.
Kristy Whittle | Lifestyle and Program Manager
Kanata Retirement Residence

The ladies were fantastic as always!
Very highly recommended from us here at Maplewood.
Things went really well!
Caitlin Crockard did a wonderful job at narrating
and giving us little tidbits about the history and origin of each dance.
Very professional and beautiful to watch.
Nathalie Bartlett - Activity Director
Maplewood Retirement Community

Gypsy North

Photo by Jan Amell
Evan Runge
Violinist, Fiddler

Nebo Djukic

Gypsy, Spanish, Balkan, Mediterranean, Popular Music

Albert and the Collection
40s to 80s Pop-Rock Band
Scott Voelzing, Keyboards; Joe Ivison, Drums; Albert Cardarelli, Frontman/Vocals
John Julian
, Bass; John Battison, Guitar
 Scott and Albert Duo
Charities, Fundraisers, Weddings, Legions, Private Parties

Summerhill Strings
Duo or Trio

 Heather Flinn and Linda Mathies
Celtic, Classical, Latin, Jazz, Pop Music, Christmas, Seasonal
Harp, Violin

 Summerhill Trio
with Shirley Hockin (alto)


FABULOUS. Very well done :)
Michale LeMoine - Director of Recreation,
Landmark Court Retirement Residence

The wedding is over - spectacular. 
Thank you.
Michele McCarthy


Susan Toman

Celtic, Folk and Classical, Baroque

 Weddings, Funerals, Church Services

Inis Oir
Jesu Joy - Bach

Bach Largo
Corelli Opus 5. Number 3, Movement 2


Susan performed beautifully last night
 and received a large ovation from the audience!
Karen Timmons - Lifestyles Manager
VIVA Barrhaven Retirement Community


Acacia Lyra

©Photo by Jean-Marc Carisse
Susan Sweeney Hermon and Janine Dudding

Marianne Lin

Classical, Celtic


AMAZING. Awesome
 and the residents LOVED IT.
 Thank you sooo much.
Nadia Potoczny - Director of Recreation
Villa Marconi Long-Term Care Centre

Ellen MacIsaac

 Specializing in the Repertoire of Ireland and Scotland
Vocals in Gaelic and English
Concerts, Weddings, and Private Events

Braes of Rannoch
Star of the County Down

The Five

Angela Blackwell, Clarinet
Bob Brown, Horn
Elsa Slater, Flute
Jade Butlin-Woo, Oboe
Gordon Slater, Bassoon

Woodwind Quintet

Classical, Popular, Christmas
Churches, Libraries, Senior Centres, Private Functions


"They were amazing! The seniors loved the music."
Stephanie Barnes, CDP, RT | Life Enrichment Manager
Verve Senior Living        
Carp Commons Retirement Village

John Henry Lacasse

Photo by Lois Siegel
Vocals, Guitar, Blues, Country, Popular, 50's, 60's, Irish
Rock & Roll
House Parties, Pubs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Retirement Homes

Jingle Bell Rock, White Christmas
Silent Night, Feliz Navidad

2005 Inductee, Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame


Everyone seemed to be enjoying his music.
 I personally quite liked his repertoire. 
He interacted with the crowd, introduced songs, was not shy to chat. 
He uses background prerecorded tracks
 which helps – given we were outdoors, and he is a one man show… 
Guitar playing was great.  Overall, he did a great job – much enjoyed
Cindy McNabb
Extendicare Starwood

Simon Clarke

Simon specializes in that great musical era of the 50/60’s and some 70s performing
British Invasion, American Rock N Roll, ballads,  all suited for dancing or listening

Ex-band member of Freddie and the Dreamers
World-Famous British Invasion 60s band

All Shook Up, Blue Suede Shoes, Twist and Shout, Let It Be
 I Can't Get No Satisfaction, YMCA, Moon River,  Mustang Sally

Live Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Ukulele, Harmonica, Vocals
Full Sound Self-Produced Backing Tracks
Festivals, Fairs, Dinner Dances Private Parties, Retirement Homes
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Why Do Fools Fall In Love


The British Invasion

Simon Clarke and Paul Anthony


(Paul Anthony)

Simon starts with a cabaret-style mixture of British Invasion and comedy songs
as well as a few jokes and audience participation.
Paul then appears as Elvis (scream as much as you want!)
 and then together they perform as a duo.
Dancing and having a good time is obligatory!      


Graeme Ogilvie

Graeme has 50+ years experience on the bagpipes,
playing for competition, military, police and fire service pipe bands.

He has performed with the Chieftains and in Las Vegas with Regis Philbin,
and has piped in the Millennium on Parliament Hill and played at Windsor Castle
 for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


He is great. Everyone enjoyed it. He knows his stuff!  Thanks.
Miriam Dwyer - Activities Director
Oakpark Retirement Community
2 Valour Drive

It went very well…Mr. Ogilvie’s used to our residence
and he’s a pro
Renée Poirier - Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

Fantastic - he was great!
Emily Benson
Directrice Santé et bien être | Health and Wellness Director
Résidence Chapel Hill Retirement Residence

Graeme was awesome on Friday.
 A true pleasure to have him as part
of our program for our residents benefit
Aylene McKeown - Life Enrichment Manager
Villagia in the Glebe

Nico Gravel
Competed at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland
placing fourth in our division with the College of Piping Band, PEI
Weddings, Graduations, Funerals, Special Events
David Johnston

Retired Military Member with Four Years Piping Experience
 Weddings, Funerals, Special Occasions
Dress can be as formal as Black Tie or Informal, such as a Ghillie Shirt

Casey Cerson

Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Pipe Band

Donald W. Corbett


Special Events, Weddings, Memorial Services

With over 40 years piping experience with military, police and civilian pipe bands across Canada.
Donald is currently the Pipe Sergeant for the RCMP Pipes and Drums of the National Capital Region.   
He has played: for memorial services at Vimy Ridge, the Menin Gateand during the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland; onstage at the NAC; at the Royal Nova Scotia and Royal Edinburgh Tattoos
for the Governor General; and in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
In addition to thebagpipe Donald can provide a special touch to your Burn’s Supper with his Address to the Haggis.

Pipe Major Bethany Bisaillion

Pipe Major of The Sons of Scotland
Bethany Bisaillion is a piper and piping teacher based in Ottawa
with over 40 years of performance experience in all types of ceremonies. 
She can provide quartets, mini bands, full band shows and highland dancers. 
 Bethany is based in downtown Ottawa.

Note:  Bethany can play outdoors, outside a building.


Photo Courtesy: The Senate of Canada

From April 1992 until his retirement, Hugh Macpherson served
as pipe major of Air Command Pipes & Drums in Ottawa.
He achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer
in 1995 as the Canadian Forces Senior Pipe Major. 
During that period he also held the appointment as
 Personal Piper to successive Governors General of Canada

Funerals, Memorial Services, Weddings

All Vocals
Pat Hallett, Rhythm Guitar (white jacket)
Denny Welburn, Lead Guitar; Richard Wills, Drums;
Héroux, Bass Guitar; Roddy McCann, Sax

50s –60s Rock ‘n Roll
Great Balls of Fire, Wake Up Little Suzie, Rock Around the Clock
Peggy Sue, Jailhouse Rock, Surfin USA, Mustang Sally
My Girl, Satisfaction, I Saw Her Standing There

Fundraisers, Weddings, Dances, Fairs, Corporate Events, Parties

Tune Clips

Ellen Daly

Country, Country Rock, Celtic, Old-Time, Cape Breton
Classical, Cover Music

Weddings, Events, House Parties, Bars, Fairs


Ellen was punctual, friendly, engaging and professional.
Her St. Patrick's Day performance was very well received
by the residents of New Edinburgh Square.
Jessica Laffin, Lifestyle & Program Manager
Retirement Residences
New Edinburgh Square

All went very well, and Ellen played beautifully!
I had never been to Restaurant Eighteen before,
and it has such ambiance.
With the restaurant's atmosphere, and Ellen's playing,
it made for a lovely evening!
Sophia Pacheco -
Conference Planner

The Two Paddy's

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Paddy Kelly and Pat Maher
Irish Duo

Celtic North

Marie Deziel, Lois Siegel, Dan Perkins

Irish, Scottish, Breton, Welsh
 French, Old-Time, Country, Latin American
Spoons, Ugly Stick, Washboard
Dancing Marionette

La Bastringue
Hangman's Reel
Maggie in the Woods & The Girl I Left Behind Me

Road to Lisdoonvarna & Morrison's


I was going to e-mail you and tell you
how fantastic you three were.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. John enjoyed it especially.
 I am going to recommend your band wherever I can.
Jillian Soame
Surprise Birthday Party for Her Husband John

The seniors loved it
ésidence de la Gappe

Everybody had a super evening. The band was excellent.
Fundraiser for "Habitat for Humanity of Great Ottawa."
Bruce Fanjoy

I have heard wonderful things!!
The residents had a blast!! We will be in touch soon
for other possible events!!
Jessica Dube  - Recreation Manager 
Seniors’ Suites & Retirement Residence

Event of the Year

©Photo by By Charles Frost
Lois  Siegel, Marie Deziel, Dan Perkins, Mike Blakeley

The Grand Finale
Celtic North Performed New Year's Eve
at the Canadian Museum of Civilization
Grand Hall, Gatineau, Quebec
 for the 150th Anniversary of the City of Ottawa
Being Named the Capital by Queen Victoria



Country North

Photo by Cynthia Sager
SNAP Ottawa Downtown

Lois Siegel, Fiddle, Spoons, Washboard
Albert Kaprielian, Piano
Dan Perkins, Guitar

Country Tunes
American & Ottawa Valley, Quebec

Home on the Range, Comin' Round the Mountain,
Faded LoveYour Cheatin' Heart, Turkey in the Straw,
16 Tons, Tennessee WaltzLa Bastringue, Country Waltz
My Darling Clemintine
You Are My Sunshine, Oh Suzanna, Country Fiddler
Can't Help Falling in Love, Westphalia Waltz

The Diplomats

Barry Willbond,  Michael Cody, Pat Willbond

        Pat :          vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonicas, percussions, whistle

Barry :      vocals, squeeze box accordion, percussions, whistle

    Michael : vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitars, percussions, whistle

Classic Rock, Country, Celtic, Blues, Cajun, Reggae, French, Folk
Comedy Skits (French, Italian, German Polish, Jewish)
Swing, Caribbean, Hawaiian, Mexican, Dance Band
Polkas, Sing-a-Long, Caroling

Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra

Christmas, New Years Eve, Robbie Burns Day
 Valentines, St. Patrick Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries
Funerals, Mass, Services, Weddings
Stag & Doe:
Similar to a combined Bachelor
 and Bachelorette Party, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest


Wild Rover
Drunken Sailor
Long Way To Tipperary
Farewell To Nova Scotia


Ghost Rider & St. Patrick's Day

Photos by Lois Siegel


"Bring Summer Back Beach Party"

Really great. Thank you !
Martine Cantin  - Recreation Manager
Seniors’ Suites & Retirement Residence

The "Hawaiian Luau" performance went very well with The Diplomats.
They were very entertaining, and the residents loved them.
Also everyone got a great kick out of all their costume changes!
Loved it!
Thanks So Much
Karen Parks - Recreational Manager
Alavida, Seniors’ Suites and Retirement Residence


Photo by Lois Siegel

Diplomats "Elvis Impersonator" Show

We had ball…they were fantastic…Thank you.
Renée Poirier - Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

David’s very memorable 65th birthday was one
 that none of us will ever forget! 
Barry & Pat are a credit to their profession,
and I would hire them again. 
Everyone enjoyed them, and I look forward
to seeing them wherever and whenever
they are entertaining elsewhere.
Mary Cassetta

I wanted to thank you for the lovely band you sent.
It was amazing!!
We will definitely have them again to entertain us.
Sandy El-Bitar  
Directrice de Loisirs /Director of Recreation Frontenac Residence
Gatineau, Quebec

The Diplomats were very professional and entertaining
to say the least! They are full of surprises.
Residents thought they were the best entertainment
 we have had all year! We hope to have them back again soon.
Nathalie Bartlett - Activity Director
Maplewood Retirement Community

The Diplomats were fantastic. 
The residents here really enjoyed their show.
We would love to have them back.
Linda Ann Quigley - Resident Enrichment Coordinator
Crystal View Lodge

They were amazing. Thank you!
Martine Cantin - Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

Great! the residents loved them.
Jacqueline Haffner| Lifestyle and Program Manager
Chartwell Kanata

The duo, Barry and Pat, was very well received
by out residents and guests and they were
 a good fit for the event. Residents have even requested
 to have The Diplomats back to New Edinburgh
Square in the future.
Jessica Laffin, Lifestyle & Program Manager
Retirement Residence
New Edinburgh Square

The Diplomats were the best band we have EVER had
 and we need to have them back again, and again.
They were so amazing, the residents are still raving about them!
Thank you for this.
Sarah Splaine - Lifestyle Consultant
Red Oak Retirement Residence


Dale Jones

Trumpet, Saxophone
Beatles, R &B/Soul, Classic Rock, Classical Wedding Songs
Latin Jazz, Jazz, Dixieland, Disney Movie Hits (Kids)
Contemporary, Swing, Michael Jackson, Movie Themes


Dale was amazing!  Such great talent! Everybody was very impressed.
One family member thought there was going to be a band
because there were so many instruments!
Christine Smith - Activities Programmer
Carlingview Manor

The party went really well. The residents are still talking about it.
They danced the evening away. Dale was great! Everyone was pleased.

Jannel Dennis - Activity Coordinator
Blackburn Lodge Seniors Residence



Pat Willbond, (Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica)
Rick Picard (Percussion)
 Sarah Willbond (Vocals)

Popular, Dance, Reggae, Classic Folk , Rock, Blues, Rap

Bev Dunn Duo

Bev Dunn, (Vocals)

Photo by Lois Siegel
 Ed Bimm, (Keyboard/Piano)

Alternative Performer Everard De Souza

Bev and the Torpedos
Bev Dunn (Vocals), Ed Bimm (Keyboard/Bass),  Peter Beaudoin, Drums

 Easy listening, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Disco
Restaurants, Golf Courses, Private Events, Corporate Venues
Retirement Residences
Popular Tunes
Fly Me to the Moon
Cry Me a River
Bye Bye Love
Don't Be Cruel
I Saw You  Standing There
Honkey Tonk Woman
Let It Be
La Bamba

Raymundo Pizana

Guitar, Vocals, Cajon

Irena Gryndahl

Flamenco Dancer

New Age Fusion of Original Compositions
Influenced by Latin and Flamenco Rhythms


The event was fantabulous.
It really captured the Spanish essence
 and it flowed throughout the evening.
Everyone had a great time.
Thank you so much to have provided us
 with such wonderful entertainment
Roxanne Lacroix -
Lifestyle Consultant
 Frontenac Résidence
Gatineau, Quebec

Raymundo and Irena were great yesterday
very much enjoyed their performance
Emily Benson
Directrice, Santé et bien être | Health and Wellness Director
Résidence Chapel Hill Retirement Residence.

The entertainment was great! I had so many wonderful reviews
I would love to book them again and have them back.
Carolyn Mills  - Activity Director
Maplewood Retirement Community

Raymundo was great! The members enjoyed how different it was.
Maegan Mann - Lifestyles Manager
Viva Barrhaven Retirement Community

Omg  - yesterday was an excellent turn out. 
The residents enjoyed Raymundo and his friend who accompanied him with a guitar
 and Irena. They were wonderful. The residents loved Irena. We got up and started to dance.
We all had such a blast, and the residents were still talking about it last night
 and this morning as to how much fun it was. I will try sending a video to marketing
 to post on our Facebook page because this was way too much fun.
Josée Michaud -
Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence

They were very good. Very different entertainment for our residents
 but they enjoyed it.
Stephanie Barnes - Lifestyle and Programs Manager
Chartwell Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence


Laurino Pagliarello

Accordion, Piano
Italian, German, French, Latin American
 Jewish, Christmas, Oktoberfest

Music for All Occasions
35 Years Experience

Speaks: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Photo by Roger Lalonde
Mayor's Seniors Summit
City Hall


Larry Pagliarello Demo
Tu fais tourner la tete
La vie en Rose
Cuand Cuando
New York, New York

Larry was wonderful.
Michale LeMoine
Director of Recreation, Landmark Court Retirement Residence

We were extremely pleased with Larry's performance. 
You were right on target with your recommendation for this event.
Larry was really professional, and we all loved his music. 
He was most sensitive to the audience
(seniors in a long-term facility). His musical offerings were varied
and most suitable for the occasion. 
He even played a few songs from World War II (Lili Marlene, etc.)
which were much appreciated by the seniors
as these songs mean a great deal to them.
Larry  interacted well, moving around the room
and making eye contact and communicating with the guests.
Frances Wesley
Le Foyer du Bonheur
Gatineau, Quebec

The seniors loved it.
ésidence de la Gappe

The evening went very well. 
Larry was congenial, flexible and entertaining;
 the perfect mood/background music for the start of the evening.
40th Surprise Birthday Party
Patrick Martel

Larry was absolutely fantastic.  The residents just loved him.
Staci Kufsky, T.R.S. - Activity Coordinator
Belcourt Manor

Italian Embassy Residence

 I just wanted to let you know
that the residence enjoyed his music so much
 that we will be looking forward to booking him again.
Tiffany Bryan
Thorncliffe Place Seniors Residence

It went great, thank you so much!
Shaw Centre Reception
Sheena Levesque
Planificatrice de conférences - Conference Planner
Office of Continuing Professional  Development

We had a wonderful time and created a great memory.
It was perfect! And even emotional for my husband and his father.

Father's Day Surprise Performance
Jeannette Alexander

The event with Larry went very well. He is great.
I would like to have him sometime again.
Luisa Romero - Director of Recreation
The Edinburgh Retirement Residence


Tony True

Country Music

Traditional Country, 50's-70's  Rock and Roll,
Popular Standards (e.g. Frank Sinatra)
 Current Country and
Rock and Roll Music

Retirement Homes, Birthday Parties, Weddings,
Pubs, Special Events, House Parties


Gertrude Letourneau and Garry Elliott

Gertrude Letourneau
Garry Elliott



Lin, Harp
Natalie Harrison, Fiddle
Classical, Celtic
 Private Events, Weddings, Retirement Homes


Brawn/Elliott Duo

Thomas Brawn

Garry Elliott

Fiona Armstrong

Classical, Traditional Music
Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Events, Cafes, Bars
Retirement Homes

Nelson Martins

Classical, Jazz, Old-Time 20's - 80's, Latin
Christmas, Pop, Dance Music

Can't Help Falling in Love,  Danny Boy, 
Hello, Dolly, Jealousy,  La Vie En Rose,  Mona Lisa, 
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,  Summertime, Waldstein (Beethoven)
 Fantaisie-Impromptu (Chopin), You Are My Sunshine.

Besame Mucho
Dizzy Fingers
Étude en Fa Majeur

Duo Vert Orange
Nelson Martins & French-Canadian singer, Anne-Marie Gaulin

Classiques Québécois, Folk, Jazz, Pop et Musique Classique

Jolie Louise, Un Amour Qui Ne Veut Pas Mourir, Autumn In New York
 Lullaby, Ombra Mai Fu, Se L'aura Spira, No One Is Alone
 Cent Mille Chansons, Y'a Une Étoile Pour Vous.
Tune Sample

Square Dance Caller
David Currie


Contemporary Square Dance Caller/Teacher
Wendy VanderMeulen


Doug Martin
Jazz Sax


Adrian Cho and Diane Nalini

Diane Speaks
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Portuguese Songs -  Bossa Nova.
French Jazz - Interpretations of French Chanson


We just had Adrian and Diane and they were wonderful.
 The music they played was perfect for our Brazilian dinner!

Everyone attending enjoyed their beautiful music.




Adrian Cho Trio

©Photo  by Lois Siegel
David Renaud, Rene Gely, Adrian Cho

The musicians with the Adrian Cho Trio vary,
depending on the performance.

Fantastic! Thank you. Great group
They were very professional and accommodating.
Danielle Griffin - Health and Wellness Director
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence



Elliott Smith

©Photo  by Lois Siegel

Note: Winters in Florida

Magician for over 39 years, Elliott offers a wide range
 of interactive magic from children's parties
 to company events.
Elliott's comedic style of magic
brings lots of fun and excitement and will create
many hilarious moments
your guests are sure to remember.


He was wonderful...the staff, residents and family members
loved the show.  Lots of positive feedback. Thanks again.
Stephanie Atwood - Recreation Manager
Carlingview Manor

Elliott in Nunavut





All was excellent.  As usual.  Many thanks.
éphane Ritchot
Équipe M.A.S.C.? Team M.A.S.C.
Auto Show Gatineau
Gatineau, Quebec


Luc Leduc

Has been entertaining audiences around the world
with his magic for 4 decades

Home, Walk Around, Stand Up, Solo, Stage


Chris Pilsworth

One person show that has a unique blend of magic and humour
Programs suitable for children, families or adults
Walk around close-up magic for cocktail hours or sit down dinners


Ottawa's most versatile band
 Top 40, Classic Rock, Motown, 70s, 80s, 90s, Jazz, Swing, Ballads, Latino
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew
Weddings, Corporate Events, Galas


DragonFly and Libellule

Sylvie Duchesneau et David Renaud
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

Classical to Light Jazz


hEar Candy

Sylvie Duchesneau, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Mike Mullin, Tenor Saxophone
Tom McMahon, Baliset, Bass

Ballroom Dance, Music from Classic Movies


©Photo by Lois Siegel
Laura Lynn Eggleston

Black & White Caricatures with a Theme:
Work, Hobby, and Sports

Face-Painting and/or Balloon-Twisting

Bunky the clown is a female, non-scary clown
available for children's birthdays,
company picnics, and store openings

Green Cat

 Laura has a menu of face-painting, balloon-animals
and interactive story times with puppets and mini-costumes.
Mini-costumes include a dragon hat, sword and cape, princess crown,
and fairy
and wand, to be used in the story:
 A Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch and the song, Little Bunny Foo

Caricatures can be included with other activities
Uses professional, safe paints.
She has been clowning for 20 years


Ralitsa Tcholakova
Violin, Viola
Electric Violin

Classical, Jazz, Tango, World, Contemporary

Sergei Chechui
International Popular Tunes, Polkas, Oktoberfest, and Folk Music


Cécile Desrosiers

Photo by Lois Siegel

Piano, Harpsichord
Music for all Occasions


Elmer Deagle, Fiddle, Mandolin
Simon Marion, Guitar

Photo by Lois Siegel
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Taste of Winterlude
Grand Hall, Gatineau, Quebec
Elmer is a member of the renowned Chaisson family
 of musicians in Prince Edward Island

Canadian Horticultural Council
Westin Hotel

Photo by Lois Siegel
J. J. Chiasson, Fiddle, Piano
Elmer Deagle, Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle

Elmer Deagle
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar
P. E. I. Style




Barbershop Quartet
The Sweetheart Tree

Head O Hair
Visa Visa


Pouch Cotatoes

©Photo by Ryan Lindsey
Chris Bancej, Mark Green, Stephen Beneteau
Ryan Lindsey, Jerome Gobuyan

A cappella Singing Group
Five-part harmony arrangements of contemporary songs
 dating from the 1950's to 1980's.
Brown Eyed Girl
Still the One


Doug Martin Duo

Photo by
Brett Delmage

Yves Laroche, piano; Doug Martin, sax


Doug and Yves Laroche were amazing,
 and we received rave reviews of their performance.
Karly Ali
Cumberland Heritage Village
Canada Day

The duo was fantastic.
And we look forward to working with you in the future!

Sarah Welch
Office of Protocol
City of Ottawa
Canada Day


Fiona Noakes

Original Compositions


Jenna Glatt

Photo by Jeffrey Pierre-Louis

Pop, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Classical
House Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Anniversaries

Take Time

A Story of Our Own



Photo by Richard Desmarais

An eclectic singer songwriter with an ethnic fusion
has incorporated beat boxing, Inuit throat singing
and slap dancers to her live performance mix.

My Summer

Brant Pethick

©Photo by Dwayne Brown Studio
Pop/Rock, Singer, Songwriter
Original Tunes


Music with a message! Guitar-driven,
his collection of original tunes is strong on anthemic melodies,
infectious hooks and emotional delivery!

Patrick Langston
The Ottawa Citizen

Inspiring words...a tuneful 11-track collection
that is most rare of popular music lyrical offerings:
Something positive!

Allan Wigney
 The Ottawa S



Nubia Cermeño
Gustavo Saavedra

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Latin American Music

Natalia and Montuno

Natalia Leonor Cabrera - Vocals
Anthony Peter Cook -Guitar
Kurt Walther - Classical and Pedal Steel Guitars
Ken Kanwisher - Cello and Upright Bass
Alvaro de Minaya - Percussion
Latin, Jazz , Blues, Soul, Country
Elegant and Exotic

The Jasmine Trio

Photo by Dayle Reynolds

Yves Laroche
, Doug Martin, Tom Denison
Autumn Leaves, Georgia On My Mind, Misty, It Had To Be You
Take the "A" Train, Blue Rondo a la Turk, Round Midnight
Ottawa Jazz Festival 2009


Sax Appeal
Saxophone Quartet

© Photo by E2M Photo

Mike Mullin – Tenor Saxophone
Jarrod E. Goldsmith - Baritone Saxophone (Leader)
Christine Davies - Soprano Saxophone
Dave Renaud - Alto Saxophone

 Background Entertainment

Cocktails, Receptions, Weddings,
Diplomatic and Corporate Events
 Conferences, Galas, Parties, Holidays, Clubs
Fundraisers, Restaurants

 Classical, Jazz, Latin, Popular, Funk, Christmas

When I’m Sixty-Four (Lennon)
New York New York (Kander)
Fly Me to the Moon (Howard)

Air on the G String (Bach)
Pavane (Faure)
Wedding March (Mendelssohn)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)
Pachelbel Canon (Pachelbel)

Music Sampler




Jazz Standards, Smooth Jazz, Funk, and Latin at an amplification
you can talk over or R&B and Pop Tunes at a volume for dancing

Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Events, Cocktail Parties
Galas, Weddings, Anniversaries, Club Dates

Days of Wine and Roses, Lullaby of Birdland, Night & Day
Satin Doll 'Round Midnight, Girl from Ipanema,
Look of Love, Take Five, Black Orpheus, Take the 'A' Train
When Sunny Gets Blue

Morning Dance



Out of Our Heads

Mark Fitzgerald, Lead Guitar; Adrian Butts, Lead Vocals; Guy Brunet, Drums
John Major, Rhythm, Guitar; Al Pollack, Bass Guitar
Rolling Stones Cover Band

Route 66, Bitch, Dead Flowers, Under My Thumb
Hang Fire, Imagination, Let it Bleed, Respectable
You Can't Always Get What You Want. Heartbreaker
Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Duo Pleiades

Anna Baksheeva, Violin
Andrew Mah, Guitar

Classical, Jazz, Pop, Tango, Fiddle, Country, Folk, Old-Time
World Music, Celtic, Brazilian,  Movie Music

Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine’s, Canada Day, Halloween
Funerals, Marriage Proposals, Fundraising, Romantic Dinner
Parties, Government Offices, Churches

 Violin and Guitar, Violin and  Piano

Aylseford Gavotte
Anna and Andrew

Recital, 1st year of Masters Degree
 University of Ottawa, Canada


Air G String
Ave Maria

Amazing Grace
Love Me Tender

Sally Gardens

Anna Baksheeva and Andrew Mah


Classical Music

Impressions Duo

Doug Brierley


Orion Duo

Melanie Desmarais, Olivier Henchiri
Aurora String Trio

Sophe Pan, Thaddeus Morden, Alla Perevalova

Evergreen Piano Trio

Bridget Knect, Jo-Ann Holden, Greg Weeks

Festival String Quartet

Douglas Brierley, Kelly McGuire, Donna Legault, Mary Freeman

Quatuor Despax

Cendrine Despax, Violin - violon
Jean Despax, Violin - violon
Maxime Despax, Viola - Alto
Valérie Despax
, Cello - Violoncelle

Classical Music
Weddings, Events, Corporate Affairs



Ric Dagenais, Drums & Vocals
Michel Jetté, Guitar & Vocals
Marc Bisaillon as Bass & Vocals
Rob Halloran, Keyboard & Vocals

Classic Rock Cover Band 
 Not a Beatles Tribute Band
because we are playing great hits by other artists

Patrick Fynn


HOSS is a 5-piece band, including pedal steel and fiddle,
 that focuses on “Outlaw Country” of the 60’s and 70’s.
HOSS brings the big sounds of Texas and Tennessee
 with heartfelt ballads and danceable favorites
drawing from such legends as
Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson.


Daisy Train

Retro Rock and Roll Party Band
Hits of the 80s and 90s


Emmanuel Bell Choir

©Photo by Lois Siegel


Kingston, Cornwall, Smiths Falls & Perth
Al Benoit


Jazz, Country, Celtic, Maritime, Scottish, Irish
Veteran Tribute Shows, 50's, Rock n' Roll, Opera, Show Tunes, Sacred Songs

I design a music show which may be just myself and my pianist
 or a musical troupe to fit the occasion

Kemptville, Ontario

Kemptville Community
Concert Band

Formed in 2009, the band is composed of 25-30 members.

Copacabana, Theme from Get Smart, Begin The Beguine
A Rockin’ Christmas, Holiday Snippets
We Wish You A Merry Christmas,
The 12 Days Of Christmas

Retirement Homes, Fundraisers


Kingston, Ontairo

Celtic Kitchen Party

Andrew Vanhorn, Guitar
Colin Skinner, Bagpipes/Tin Whistle
Tedd Chew, Fiddle; Martyn Piper, Drums
Mike Kidd, Bass

Traditional and Contemporary East Coast/Irish/Scottish Celtic Music
and Pop/Folk, With a Dash of Rock n' Country

Weddings, Receptions, Cocktails, Parties, Anniversaries

Jump and Drink

Down home feeling where all your relatives and neighbors
drop by for a traditional kitchen party 
  Traditional and Contemporary East Coast
Irish/Scottish Celtic Music and Pop/Folk
(with a dash of rock n' Country).
Dance and sing along to some of the best party music ever made.
Welcome to The Celtic Kitchen Party!



Lyndhurst, Ontario


Toronto Ontario

Barbara Jordan


Dixieland Jazz, Swing, Country, 50s tunes
St. Louis Blues

Beginning to See the Light


Fiddlers 3

Canada's 7- Piece Celtic Party Band
3-Time "Entertainer of the Year" Award
Rock Your Event

"Feisty take on Canadian Celtic music"
Hamilton Magazine

"Celtic band of the 21st century"
Rambles Cultural Magazine


Fit as a Fiddle Canada

Margot and Aiden

Golden oldies, audience dance numbers
 and even a  whirlwind musical trip
around the world are the features of this outstanding
sing-along duo's show.

Fit as a Fiddle Canada's one-hour show is action-packed.
Margot plays percussion (snare drum, spoons, shakers, bongos)
Aidan plays guitar and fiddle and some special
surprise instruments too!
They both sing, and their audiences always love
 to join in and sing along with them.

Musical trip around the world


"You guys have so much fun it's impossible for us
 not to have a good time
Tom Gibson, Resident, Amica Newmarket


The Fitzgeralds



Hayley Trio

Hayley Ryerson

Celtic, Classic Jazz
Weddings, Pit Orchestra, Composition

Alex Purcell, guitar
Hayley Ryerson, fiddle
Anthony Savidge, percussion

Celtic, Classic Jazz

First Pick

Hayley Ryerson, Violin
Ben Lemma
, Guitar
Jazz Standards

The Kitchen Orkestra

5-Piece Band 
Celtic, Balkan, Folk Songs

 mandolin, fiddle & vocals, upright bass, and cajon/percussion


Manvir Rai

Vocals, Guitar

Classic Rock, Jazz, Top40, Pop, Indie, Soul and R&B
Bars/Restaurants, Golf Courses, Retirements Residences,
Weddings/Banquet Halls, Law Firms

Stand By Me

Brent Miller Live

Brent Miller, Piano, Vocals
Jazz Pianist

Sarah Giles, Stand-Up Bass

Popular Tunes: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's
Weddings, Cocktail Receptions, Dinners, Private Parties
Corporate Events, Galas

Sad Eyes

Liane Fainsinger

Jazz Piano/Vocals

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Satin Doll
Night and Day
The Way You Look Tonight


Mark Eisenman
Jazz Pianist

Soloist and Group Ensembles: Vocalists and Instrumentalists
 as Musical Guests
Parties, Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs

Tim Holland
The Puppet Trainer

Interactive Family Entertainment
Multi-talented Ventriloquist
Prop Comic & Circus Artist
Corporate Shows, Festivals



Peter Mathers


Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Classical, Pop, Holiday Music

Peter was just terrific.  He played some fantastic tunes
both holiday, Jazz & even a little Rock-n-Roll
which was well received by everyone. 
In fact, there were a few folks interested in karaoke,
 which Peter was ready to indulge,
but time got away from us!
 We will definitely want him back next year!!


Lisa Isaacs B.A., CMP
Isaacs & Co., Barristers & Solicitors

Jerusalem Ridge

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Matt Newton
Jazz Pianist
Matt Newton, originally from Ottawa, now lives in Toronto
 where he has played at the premiere jazz venues,
 such as the Rex and the Montreal Bistro.


Bob Wiseman

Founding member of Blue Rodeo
Composer, Filmmaker, Singer-Songwriter, Actor
Produced Ron Sexsmith: "Grand Opera Lane"
Bruce McCulloch: "Shame Based Man"

(Password: Wiseman)


Prince Edward County


Frank Artes
 Bass, Vocals

Martin Soldat
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Bluesy Soul-Jazz
Fats Domino to Sam Cooke

Pubs, Clubs, Wineries, Private Parties
Will Travel to Kingston and Ottawa

Prince Edward Island

Teresa Doyle

Photo by Lois Siegel
Shruti Box , India

Vocals, Guitar, Shruti
Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Gaelic
House Concerts Festivals, Private Functions
 Corporate Events, Galas

Girl on the Dunes
Caoineath Mhuire


Montreal, Quebec

Bowser and Blue

Musical Comedy Duo

Rick plays acoustic guitar and harmonica
George plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass and banjo.

Bowser and Blue appear in theatres and concert halls
across Canada, and since 2007 they have been featured
 in the Canadian Snowbird Extravaganza concert series
 both in Canada and the United States.

They have appeared frequently at the
Just for Laughs comedy festival
and can often be seen on CBC television
 and the Comedy Channel
in shows compiled from those appearances.
Their Christmas CTV special
"Two Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire"
was nominate for a Gemini award.


The Directors Showband

Full Variety Showband

Top 40, 70's, 80's, 90's, R&B, Soul, Funk, Motown, Dance, Jazz
Pop, Rock, Disco, Standards, Rock n’ Roll, Tangos,
Cha-Chas, Duets, and Ballads
Italian, French, Hebrew, and Spanish
 DJ included

Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Social Events
 Fundraisers, Anniversaries, Birthdays
Large and Small Scale Events

"Barney’s Version,” the motion picture premiered
at the Venice Film Festival and has been nominated for a
Golden Globe Award: Best Performance
 by an Actor in a Motion Picture
Musical or Comedy
Paul Giamatti 
The Canadian premiere was at the
 Toronto International Film Festival.

"Barney's Version" stars Paul Giamatti (left)
 and Dustin Hoffman (right) as his father.

Montreal’s most sought after showband
 The Directors, were the band cast
 in the pivotal wedding scene.
 The movie stars Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Minnie Driver
Scott Speedman, and Rachel Lefevbre. The film is based on 
Mordecai Richler's novel “Barney’s Version” and is directed by
Richard J Lewis and produced by Robert Lantos.
The screenplay was written by Montreal native, Michael Konyves.


Val Teodori


John Kerkhoven

Photo by
Lindsay Ballard

Blues, Folk
Paul Butterfield, Blind Willie Johnson, Sonny Terry, James Cotton
Solo and performances with other artists.

Audio Clip

BluesReel Duo

John Kerkhoven: Harmonica/Vocals
Patrick Hutchinson: Guitar/Vocals
BluesReel is a harmonica-guitar duo inspired
 by the folk tradition from both sides of the Atlantic.
Banish Misfortune

World of My Own


Sjean MacLeod


Andre Vincelli


A 20th Century Chocolate Cake
Directed by Lois Siegel
Main Theme (mp3)

Talk About it  (mp3) (Original Song)
Two Genie Award nominations
 Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
 Best Musical Score, Best Original Song, 1984


Vancouver Island, B.C.


Alison Vardy


Celtic, Latin, Original and Easy Listening

Private, Corporate, Community Events
Weddings, Birthdays, Dinners, Cocktails, Memorials, Workshops

Scottish Tunes

Guest Speakers
Contact Lois Siegel
(613) 830-2509


Arm Chair Travels

Diana Goldin

Travel Photographer Diana Goldin brings the beauty
of remote destinations and gems of nature right to your door.

Her educational and entertaining slide show presentations feature
 National Geographic locations and photography.

Hawaii - Paradise on Earth

Magic of Iceland

Nepal: from Kathmandu to the Himalayas 

When Earth was Mars 
(journey to the American Southwest)

Unknown California (Deserts, Ghost Towns, Volcano Remnants
 "Extraterrestrial" Filming Locations)

In the Shade of the Sleeping Volcano 
(Mt. Rainier National Park and Oregon Waterfalls)

End of the Earth (Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia)

National Parks of Utah (Includes Aerial Photos)

Secret Gems of the Canadian Rockies 
Little Known Spectacular Locations Accessible Only by a Helicopter)
or Back Country Hikes)

Splendid China 

Hot & Wild (Adventure Expedition to an Active African Volcano)




©Photo  by Lois Siegel
John P. Kelly

John is an outstanding storyteller.
Real Irish stories.

He arrived in Canada from Ireland in 2004
and opened the theatre company SevenThirty Productions.
John was a regular tenant of The Gladstone Theatre.
He's a terrific director and raconteur.
John will have you smiling with delight when you
hear about his exploits in the theatrical world.

He worked for RTE, the Irish equivalent of the CBC,
and as a Radio Drama producer/director,
as well as a Managing Editor of Features and Arts.

John moved to Switzerland (1994), where he worked
with the European Broadcasting Union as
 Head of Specialized Programming.
 Kelly is founder member of the Irish Association
 of Drama Adjudicators (ADA)
 and a member of the British Guild of Drama Adjudicators.


John was good. The residents enjoyed the stories.
Luisa Romero
Director of Recreation 
The Edinburgh Retirement Residence


Robert Fontaine

Audiences enjoy very much the Q&A part of my talks.
 They love to talk about favourite or despised movies.

Robert Fontaine grew up in the sixties in a house
 where movies were woven into the family fabric—all‑night marathons
 at the drive-in and Saturday matinée double-bills were
treasured family outings, eagerly anticipated and energetically
 discussed afterwards. Starting in 1993,  Robert was the film reviewer
 for CBC Radio One’s popular drive-home program All in a Day,
and his lively, witty, and often irreverent reviews were
 a highlight of the week for many CBC listeners.
His second book, True Confessions of a Film Critic,
was published in 2013. It presents Robert’s unique take
 on some of the very best—and the very worst—films
he has seen over the last few years.


Robert is an energetic and entertaining presenter.
 His in-person talks cover the highs and lows of film criticism,
 mixing amusing digressions and side trips with excerpts
 from his most recent book. His talks feature a lively Q & A session
during which all aspects of film are fair game for a
 lively back and forth with the audience. Robert has been
 accompanying film lovers on his journey through the myriad worlds
 of popular film for twenty years. Ever wondered what makes
 a film critic tick (and occasionally explode)?
Prepare for some true film confessions...

True Confessions of a Film Critic
by Robert Fontaine

book cover


All residents in attendance really enjoyed his talk
…..a lot of laughter.
Aylene McKeown
Activity and Volunteer Coordinator
Symphony at the Palisades


Films by Lois Siegel

Invite a filmmaker to show and talk about her films


LOIS SIEGEL is a filmmaker,  photographer
 professor, musician and writer.
Siegel was named one of the Capital City's Top 50: People
who are shaping the future of the National Capital
by Ottawa Life Magazine, 2002.


She is listed in "Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television.
" OXYGEN, the women's TV network in the States,
purchased Siegel’s documentary film BASEBALL GIRLS.
 The film aired on the network 2000-2002.
Oxygen is partially owned by Oprah Winfrey


Siegel taught Video Production at the University of Ottawa.

Her film STUNT PEOPLE (featuring four generations
 of the Fournier family) won a 1990 Genie Award:
 Best Short Documentary from the Academy of Canadian Cinema
and Television. STUNT PEOPLE appeared on Bravo
as part of their "Drive-in Classics" series. 

Photo by Attila Dory
Celine Fournier

Siegel's film, BASEBALL GIRLS (women who play softball and baseball)
 a documentary feature produced by The National Film Board of Canada
 won the “TARGA CITTA’ DI PALERMO” at the
 International Sports Film Festival in Palermo, Italy.
BASEBALL GIRLS also won an award for
 “Film Documentary” at the 1996 Athens (Ohio)
 International Film and Video Festival and
 a BRONZE APPLE AWARD from The National Education Media Network
 California, 1998.   It played at the Athlete’s Village
 in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1996 Olympics
 and on the Women’s Television Network
 and TV New Brunswick in Canada.
 BASEBALL GIRLS also appeared on PBS stations
 in the States. It was selected as one of the
 Best Documentaries in Canadian Cinema for 1996
 by “TAKE ONE” film magazine: Toronto Film Critics’ Poll.



©Photo by Lois Siegel

Michele Granger

Siegel's other documentary films include
LIP GLOSS (female impersonators)
broadcast on Bravo Channel, and "STRANGERS IN TOWN"


A selection of her films may be seen here:


Equipment required: screen or TV, dark room
 capacity to show DVDs.

Photography by Lois Siegel

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Invite a photographer to show her work
 and talk about photography


LOIS SIEGEL is known as chief cook and bottle washer
 filmmaker, writer, photographer, professor, and would-be fiddler.
 She lives in Ottawa, Canada.  Siegel was named
one of the Capital City's Top 50: People who are
 shaping the future of the National Capital
 by Ottawa Life Magazine, 2002. 
She taught Video Production
 at the University of Ottawa for 18 years.

Siegel won 1st Prize “Photography” at the
 23rd Annual ArtEast Art & Photo Exhibition, Orleans, Ontario
 (2004) for her portrait of “The Crowd” trumpeter Adam Bell.
 In previous years she won 2nd place, (1999)
 for her portrait of Irish Actor Stephen Rea,
 and 3rd place (2002) for her portrait of Italian Actress Sophia Loren.

Sophia Loren

Eighty-two of her photographs (film producers, directors
 actors) were displayed
in Complexe Desjardins during the
 20th Anniversary of the Montreal World Film Festival
 1996, and 120 of her photos were displayed
 at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2002.

Ottawa Turkish Festival

She wrote/photographed for “Cinema Canada”
 and has also written and photographed for FPS
 (Frames Per Second): The Magazine of Animation
 and The Ottawa Citizen.

Catherine Deneuve

She is also a freelance writer/photographer
 for The Glebe Report, Ottawa,
 and  photographer for The Ottawa Business Journal
and Diplomat Magazine.

A selection of her photographs may be seen here:


Equipment required: screen or TV, dark room
 capacity to show DVDs.


John Zaritsky
Film and Investigative Journalism

John Zaritsky has won more than 40 awards for his documentary films.

 His major honors include an Academy Award®
 in 1982 for his documentary “Just Another Missing Kid.”
The story of a rich and powerful Ottawa family
 trying to find their teenage son
who had gone missing while on his way to summer school. 
But everywhere they went, police refused
 to help and finally a private detective was hired
to track down the two killers of the teenage boy.
 First broadcast on the CBC’s Fifth Estate, April, 1981.

Watch Online:

In 1995-96, he was an artist-in-residence at
 the Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley.
Zaritsky taught documentary film at the University of British Columbia
 as an adjunct professor
2002- 2006.

Prior to entering the film business
 Zaritsky worked as a newspaper reporter for seven years.
  In 1970, he received a Ford Foundation Fellowship to study at the
Washington Journalism Center for six months. 
He won a National Newspaper Award for his investigative reporting
 at Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, 1972.


"Leave Them Laughing" is a real life musical comedy
 starring Carla Zilbersmith, a Berkeley California
 comedienne, singer and songwriter
who is dying of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.
The documentary chronicles Carla’s debilitating illness
 while she vows to leave audiences laughing
 with her jokes and quips about death and dying.
World premiere: The Hot Docs Film Festival, May 6,2010
 Nine awards at 15 festivals.

"Tears Are Not Enough" chronicles the day
 top Canadian musical stars came together
 to record a song for Ethiopian famine victims.
  Featuring Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell
 Anne Murray, and Cory Hart, the film was a behind-the-scenes
 at a recording session in which even the biggest stars
 left their egos at the studio door.  The film was released theatrically
 in Canada and Los Angeles and first broadcast
 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in December, 1985. 

Kita Szpak

Articles, bios, copywriting, corporate copy, ghostwriting, profiles
media releases, reports, resumes

“I make you look good.”

Wedding and Special Event Photography

Photo by Bill Blackstone
Lois Siegel

Stephanie et Hugues

Meghan & Dominic
Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa

50th Wedding Anniversary
Andrew Haydon Park

Photo by Lois Siegel
Victor Turco Photographer

Photo by Lois Siegel
Tuong La


Photo by Jerry Abramowicz
Greg Van Riel Photographer




Architecture, advertisements, landscape design
 people, catalogues, and events



Justin Schmueck

Chef Alain

Personal Chef


Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli
    The shop is an art gallery, coffee shop,
 restaurant, deli, and gourmet food emporium.     
And don't forget the bagels.

©Photos by Lois Siegel

You can find items here
 that you can't find anywhere else in town.
Ottawa West

"The Toast of the Town"
Montreal Smoked Meat


Bagelshop Platter

Cheese Platter

Fruit Platter

Veggie Dip


Vince has the largest selection of dark chocolate in all of Ottawa.
An entire walkway, the size of a large grocery aisle
is devoted to the darkest and sinful of chocolaty delights.

  © Photo by Lois Siegel
Vince Piazza
Regional Contact
April 30, 2011


Caricature by Dean Lewis
Inner Harbour Causeway
Victoria, B.C.

Ottawa Rocks

Lois Siegel's Home Page

Lois Siegel

(613) 830-2509